Microsoft Invests Billions to Expand Partnership with OpenAI for Safe and Powerful AI

OpenAI and Microsoft have announced the extension of their partnership, with Microsoft making a multi-year, multi-billion-dollar investment in OpenAI. This investment will allow OpenAI to continue its independent research and development of safe, practical, and powerful AI.


OpenAI is structured as a capped-profit company and is governed by a non-profit. A capped-profit company is a type of organization that limits the amount of profit it can generate and redistributes any excess earnings to a specific cause or organization. The purpose of a capped-profit company is to ensure that its primary focus is on fulfilling its mission rather than maximizing profits. Microsoft shares this vision and values, making the partnership instrumental to OpenAI’s progress.

Azure and Beyond 

One of the partnership’s critical aspects is using Azure as the exclusive cloud provider for all OpenAI workloads. Azure’s unique architecture has delivered best-in-class performance and scale for OpenAI’s AI training and inference workloads. With this new investment, Microsoft will increase its investment in these systems to accelerate OpenAI’s independent research.


As OpenAI and Microsoft have work together to deploy the company’s technology through the API and Azure OpenAI Service.  enterprises and developers are enabled to build on top of GPT, DALL·E, and Codex. OpenAI is baking this technology into apps like GitHub Copilot and Microsoft Designer, allowing for even more real-world use.


A Bright Future

As part of the partnership, OpenAI and Microsoft teams regularly collaborate to review and synthesize shared lessons and use them to inform iterative updates to their systems, future research, and best practices for using these robust AI systems across the industry. This helps ensure that the AI systems developed are safe and valuable for the broader community.


The partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft is a significant step towards achieving the goal of ensuring advanced AI benefits all of humanity. Both companies are committing to sharing benefits and prioritizing safety. The partnership will continue accelerating the development of safe and valuable AI systems. Both companies look forward to continued collaboration and advancing this progress.