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Eminent leadership, finding the courage to lead in the face of adversity.

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We specialize in advising the more than 40,000 Directors at both the Department of State and the Department of Defense on how to get more value from technology.





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Gianpaolo Wible

SharePoint Developer

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Quality & Content Management

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Helpdesk Specialist

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Centralized Engineering

our values guide us

Racial Equity and Justice

We’ve established a long-term effort to help ensure more positive outcomes for communities of color. Our culture is dedicated to dismantling systems of oppression. Honest and open conversations lead to an inclusive community free of racism and intolerance.


We utilize many privacy-protecting technological measures to ensure confidential data remains secure. We identify ways to ensure data will not fall into the wrong hands due to unauthorized access.


We designed Eminent’s culture to promote accountability and integrity, offering more comprehensive information and faster and easier access to that information.


We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our modem society by increasing the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


To make it easier to bring your unique vision of the future to life, we provide creativity, collaboration, and connection to deliver a simple, intuitive experience.


We never pretend to have all the answers. We aim to set a new standard through a commitment to learning and improving. We use state-of-the-art advanced technology to deliver on our promise of high quality.

Eminent the company is Committed to doing great work to create a better future.

Eminent is a fully remote and distributed company based in Arlington, VA with a distributed team of 20+ people across the United States. We have a diverse and inclusive culture with people from all over the world offering different expertise, cultural perspectives, and different age ranges. We share a passion for service and transformation. We don’t just make things, we make things better. Together we imagine and create new ways of taking on issues we care about deeply, such as equity, security, transparency, and the environment.

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