How The Executive Branch Implemented Better Supply Chain Software


The US Executive Branch was facing several issues with their existing app which was time-consuming and no longer matching their business processes. Looking forward to develop something like Best Buy or Amazon, they needed an advanced application which provides the better user experience while simplifying the inventory management.  The solution must have an intuitive user interface along with a strong back-end, improving the overall functionality of their app.


The existing application was the equivalent of a spreadsheet on the web which was mainly used to order office products. They were looking to improve the functionality of their application by leveraging simple user interface and mobile technology. However, they didn’t want their people to have a huge learning curve.

Our Approach

The first imperative task on hand is to find the most suitable solution for improving the functionality of their existing app.  Our well-skilled team of developers, designers, testers, business analyst, and project managers worked closely with the client and implemented a new web-based e-commerce platform that could be used on the web and mobile devices.

We also implemented an approval step into the checkout process. The updated application also makes it easy to manage the inventory. We developed a user-friendly admin panel which allows them to create and manage different storefronts. Development was smooth throughout the process, and our team successfully addressed all the issues and delivered the project before the deadline.


The new platform completely streamlined the process of ordering and delivering inventory and has been a game changer in increasing their productivity. By visually displaying the products with detailed descriptions, the updated application allows customers to see what exactly they are ordering. Customers no longer need to worry about not knowing when they will receive their orders. Now, customers can easily find the products they need by going through the categories. Apart from being an easy-to-use platform, the new application works flawlessly on the desktop and all mobile devices.