2018 in Review

Each year we look forward to the holiday celebrations concluding 12 months of hard work. At Eminent IT, we also take a moment to look back and give thanks for the contributions of others. 2018 was a year jam-packed full of growth and development for our company. From staff development and relationship building across the United States to operationally advancing our processes. We are prepared to launch into the New Year.

What happened in Eminent in 2018?

We started the year with specific goals that we wanted to accomplish in 2018. We did not accomplish all of our goals but it was a great year. Two major goals that we accomplished were winning awards for IT Schedule 70 and Seaport Next Generation contracts. We also increased awareness of our brand by being featured on many television, radio, and news articles concluding with an award as one of Arlington’s fastest growing companies.

Another major goal that we accomplished was that Federal and business leaders across the DoD, Intelligence Community and the Executive Office of the President continued to trust Eminent IT. Our efforts helped them implement new plans and technology to better serve their teams & customers. Through this work, our goal of continuing to be of service to the people that serve and support our country was a success.

The following are some of the challengings that our customers encountered that we helped them overcome:

  • Innovating with limited resources and budgets
  • Planning & gaining consensus for process improvements
  • Developing new software and managing software teams
  • Installing new operating systems for mobile and personal computers
  • Migrating existing software platforms to cloud environments
  • Consolidating legacy databases, data stores, and data warehouses
  • Securing applications, infrastructure, and environments

Finally, we grow our team this year. We couldn’t be more happy with the group of people both inside and outside of the company that go out of their way to support us. We look forward to winning 2019 together!

What 2019 holds for Eminent and Partners

This year will be rewarding as Eminent promises to prioritize excellent communication, quality employee experiences, and efficient processes to free up even more time for making the best of the New Year. We look forward to serving alongside each of you in 2019.

Happy New Year!!


Major Milestones

Business Development (Marketing/Sales)

Seaport NXG Award
IT Schedule 70 Award
One of the final candidates for large small business Air Force contract vehicle – Award Pending
Increased partnerships and strategic relationships
Isaac selected as the Ambassador for Crystal City, VA
Awarded one of Arlington’s fastest growing companies
Nominated for Fantastic 50 award – award pending
Featured in/on: Inc Magazine, Arlington Now, NPR, and many more media outlets

Human Resources

Built an improved Eminent Employee Experience plan for 2019
Migrated employee time-tracking from paper to an online system
Launched a new Internship program and hired interns to provide back office support

New Service Offerings

Newly designed public and private workshops to teach teams how to implement software
A new version of Revamp is in development