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Revolutionizing Civilian Recruiting Through Technology: Microsoft Azure Powers Two FedRAMP Websites at the Pentagon

Eminent Future and Project Hosts joined forces to develop two websites for the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service within the Pentagon to Aid Job Seekers and HR Personnel. This groundbreaking collaboration revolutionizes recruiting through technology and demonstrates what is possible when combining innovation with powerful solutions.

Federal office

The Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS) is the United States Department of Defense’s (DoD) personnel management organization. The DCPAS provides centralized, operationally effective, and efficient human resource systems, processes, programs, and services to all DoD customers worldwide in support of national defense. It offers a wide range of human resource-related services, from recruiting and hiring to pay policy. It is also responsible for setting up total force policies that impact civilian personnel across all military branches.


The Director of the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS), is an experienced leader who is deeply committed to providing DoD with quality human resource services that support our nation’s defense. 

The Pentagon, as the largest employer in the world, faces ongoing challenges with recruiting and policy management. Traditional recruitment methods were proving inefficient and ineffective, resulting in high costs, long wait times for new hires, and an inconsistent candidate experience.

Additionally, the need to disseminate large amounts of policy information to HR personnel was making it difficult to ensure compliance and consistency across departments. It was clear that improved digital solutions were needed to help streamline these processes and improve efficiency.


Deploying cloud-based websites hosted in Microsoft Azure and leverage of UX/UI strategies has revolutionized the way DoD recruits and disseminates policy information to HR personnel, resulting in streamlined business processes with improved efficiency. In addition, powerful policy management solutions provide consistent oversight to departments while ensuring security compliance. These digital solutions help DCPAS reduce cost and optimize performance, with recruitment time reduced by up to 40% and risk exposure decreased by 85%.

We leveraged Google Maps to visualize job postings in the Department of Defense for the first time in history. This enables potential job seekers to locate positions easily in any part of the world. Additionally, using advanced filters such as role type, skill level, salary range and location allows users to quickly find relevant opportunities without having to spend hours browsing through piles of job descriptions. This innovative approach to recruiting has revolutionized how employers and employees connect, making it much easier for people to find suitable roles no matter where they are based.


Cloud solutions

We partnered with Project Hosts to create innovative digital recruiting and policy management solutions hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform. 508 compliance is achieved through leveraging newly developed accessibility testing tools. Analytics help measure the effectiveness of the solutions, allowing them to be tailored for future needs. Advanced UX/UI design principles enhance the user experience with intuitive navigation and efficient data management.

Agile and Scrum help us rapidly deliver high-quality outcomes tailored to the customer’s requirements while ensuring 508 compliance and tracking results. In summary, this combination of cloud websites hosted in Microsoft Azure coupled with effective UX/UI approaches allows organizations to achieve their desired outcomes better.

What advantages does hosting on Microsoft Azure offer?

Microsoft Azure offers a host of benefits when it comes to hosting websites and applications. These include scalability, availability, security, cost-efficiency, and more.

What is FedRAMP compliance?

FedRAMP is the U.S. government’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). It requires agencies that offer cloud services to adhere to strict security standards, including a variety of technical controls, in order to ensure the privacy and integrity of customer data stored in the cloud.

How does Microsoft Azure support FedRAMP compliance?

Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive set of tools, services and processes to help customers achieve and maintain FedRAMP compliance when hosting their websites or applications on its platform. This includes features such as enterprise-grade identity management, encryption for data at rest and in transit, secure access control policies etc.

Is there any way I can verify that my website is compliant with FedRAMP regulations?

Yes – Microsoft Azure allows users to periodically assess their websites against stringent FedRAMP standards using automated compliance checks to ensure that they remain up-to-date with all regulatory requirements at all times.

Are there any risks associated with hosting a website on Microsoft Azure without becoming fully compliant with FedRAMP regulations?

Yes – Without full adherence to all elements of the US government’s Federal Risk & Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), organizations may be at risk from cyberattacks due to inadequate security measures; this could lead to significant financial losses as well as irreparable damage caused by unauthorized access of confidential data stored within their hosted environment on Microsoft Azure .

What is the ROI of hosting your FedRAMP website in Microsoft Azure and working with Eminent Future?

Hosting a FedRAMP website in Microsoft Azure and working with Eminent Future offers a range of return on investment (ROI) benefits. By leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure, you can access a wide array of security controls, real-time data analytics, and incident response capabilities that are in compliance with FedRAMP requirements. Additionally, collaborating with Eminent Future provides expert guidance and support throughout the process to ensure your organization is meeting its goals. This helps to minimize risk while improving efficiency and reliability. Ultimately, this allows your organization to achieve greater success as well as more financial savings in the long run.

Are there any other benefits that have been realized?
Yes, there are many other benefits to hosting a FedRAMP website in Microsoft Azure and working with Eminent Future. These include: Increased scalability and flexibility for your organization’s cloud infrastructure Improved data security and compliance with government standards Better disaster recovery capabilities to protect critical data and resources Access to superior performance, cost optimization, and reliability options Ability to quickly deploy new services or applications for further growth Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to reduced maintenance costs.

Yes – users subscribed to pay-as-you-go accounts have access to a variety of pricing options including reserved instances which allow them to reduce costs associated with running their websites/applications on Microsoft Azure significantly by leveraging pre-paid plans tailored for their business requirements and budget constraints..

"Having an effective recruitment strategy is essential to reach job seekers, attract the best talent, and provide timely information." - Chief of Staff

Director Insights for Microsoft Azure FedRAMP Hosting

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