Here are a few of the ways we can help you make a difference.

Apps and Frameworks

Our Apps and Frameworks people create every application. Areas of work include Application Development, API Design, User Interface Design, Networking, Application Protocols, Framework Development, and Performance Engineering

Cloud and Infrastructure

We are prepared to jump right in when with a team capable of designing, developing, and deploying high-performance systems to handle millions of queries every day. Areas of work include Big Data, Server-side Software Engineering, Database, and Data Engineering.

DevOps and Site Reliability

By designing and building a continuous integration and delivery system, we’ll ensure the high availability, scalability, and security of a huge infrastructure every day. Areas of work include Site Reliability Engineering, Systems Engineering, Network Engineering, Performance Engineering, Systems Administration, and Hadoop Administration.

Project Management

We take ownership of projects by overseeing every aspect, from start to finish. Areas of work include Technical Project Management, Evangelism, Metrics, Analytics, and Program Management.

machine learning and ai

We help develop algorithms that learn from data to create
the most insightful options for the best outcomes. We do it with the help of privacy experts to ensure users’ privacy is respected. Areas of work include Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Science, and Deep Learning. 

Information Sytems and Technology

You can depend on us to help design and manage complex systems that run our country, such as high-traffic public-facing web platforms and manufacturing, logistics, operations, and facilities. Our team develops and manages data centers that support users all over the globe. Areas of work include Web Application Engineering, Back-End Engineering, Mobile Software Engineering, Data Science and Applied Machine Learning, Software Quality Engineering, Security Engineering, Network Engineering, Content Delivery, Data Center Operations, and Package Support for SAP and Oracle.


Defi and Blockchain

All though the technology is still not widely adopted, we’ve come to take Blockchain and Cryptocurrency seriously. We are proactively engaged in the community to see what innovations we can advance as we create customer experiences that are seamless. Areas of work include Blockchain Solutions, Smart Contracts, Wallet Development, Dapp Development, and NFTS.

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